Three poodles & a cup of tea

A recent Lifestyle Shoot was in Plett for Courteney & her three super cool poodles! I took a drive from Knysna where I was staying to Plett on a very moody-rainy Friday. Not feeling very convinced by this weather, I met Courteney and her three poodles at a STUNNING venue called Ouland Royale, very close to Plett airport. We decided to grab a cup of coffee at this incredible venue then heading off to a farm to shoot outdoors. It turns out that Ouland Royale, honestly one of THE most beautifully inspiring locations I have ever been to, ended up being the backdrop to our shoot. While sipping our coffee, we slowly began to take over this venue, one poodle at a time. Thankfully the owner was the nicest most accommodating human, so gracious in allowing us to shoot in her space. I  was very intrigued by this breed as I had never spent time with poodles before. What intelligent , faithful, loyal & wonderful dogs they are. Courteney rescued two of her pups, Oliva & Pixel, with Mila being the very confident non-rescued pup in her crew. Pixel was told many times over that she had no future & to be put down would be her only option. Courteney, with her massive heart & her background in animal physio decided to take her in & work on little Pixel. Her two back legs are badly deformed but in just a few months, with tons of love, care and physio she is one of the happiest dogs I know. Seeing her run & play when all odds were against her is something so special & I commend her human for taking her in with all her beautiful imperfections. Court thank you for loving your dogs the way you do, and I am so happy that they love you back all the same. Thank you Ouland Royale, Baroque Barn for allowing us to gatecrash your incredible space for a few hours. It was such an honour. You can also follow Pixels progress on Facebook Pixel’s Progress PageCommunity · 165 like this