It is the Year Of The Dog,

I encourage you to invest in Memories , Printed, before it is too late.

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Modern Dog Shoots are approximately one hour Long (depending on your pooch) & will take place at a natural light location such as a beautiful light room with great aesthetics or a beautiful beach, park or mountain. Shannon enjoys to mix urban with nature & a favourite being beautiful decor. This then becomes a piece of art which can be framed with us & enjoyed for many years to come. This shoot includes intimate moments with you and your dog where I capture the unspoken bond between you two. Some styled shots & a balance of goofy natural moments of your dog as you know them!

It is important to understand that your dog comes first at any shoot with DOG MEETS GIRL. Shannon works on your dogs time. Nothing is forced or stressful. Thankfully it helps to be fast with one´s camera when photographing dogs, so if you think your dog won’t keep still for a second, don´t worry, Shannon has that covered!



We LOVE working with like minded Brands. Especially Local! Our authentic way of living is captured through photography. If you have a lifestyle human &/or Pooch Product that resonates with our message then get in touch!

We only work with people who we agree with. Our message to the world is important & we value honesty above all else. Therefore, we will never promote something that we don’t agree with or have not experienced/used.

Having an honest approach fuels us to get everything out of what we are marketing. To share the goodness to everyone who follows us & help aid growth in said Brand!

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