Pearl Bay – Pet Friendly Review

As Bailey deserves only the best, and I get to tag along, we have been on a journey of discovering the best 5 star Pet friendly locations around Cape Town & the Garden Route. If you follow our adventures you would have seen us stay & review a Beach House called WHITE SANDS. A STUNNING five bedroom Luxury home situation ON the beach in Yzerfontein. Now, White Sands is only one of the 3 gorgeous Houses that fall under the umbrella of THE BEACH HOUSE COLLECTION which are conveniently located close to each other, owned by Denise & Gavin Levy. We have had the privilege of spending time in all three homes several times! In this blog I will be sharing PEARL BAY with you. The second of the three homes (in no particular order). Pearl Bay is situated directly opposite to White Sands, Although they are neighbours you still have a sense of privacy due to the way both Properties have been designed. This stunning home is the “Original”, the spark that ignited the threesome, the very first of the lot! If one had to compare the three homes, I would then say that Pearl Bay has a more “rustic” feel although Modern. Upon arrival , Bailey of course heads first into the Pool only because it comes first, before the Ocean. You are serenaded by the sight, sounds & smell of the ocean while sun bathing or being drenched by your pooch who is addicted to water. As a dog owner I find we do things possibly backwards. First experience the outdoors then indoors 🙂 . One, two, three steps from the pool and BAM your toes touch the sand! You are then introduced to a beach so protected, seemingly untouched, where you can walk for hours without seeing a single soul. Your dog can run, play, swim and feel free while you breathe in the perfection of your environment. Honestly, this is paradise. This is where Bailey & I spend quiet moments really feeling grateful uninterupted. This Stunning piece of paradise automatically feels like home as soon as you place your sandy feet on the wooden floors. Hugged by big Windows & glass doors you are instantly kissed by the warmth of the sun beaming through, giving the space a very “open” feel. Pearl bay offers a Dining area with a Fireplace for these wintery days, an open plan kitchen, lounging area and 3 spacious bedrooms! There is a very organic flow in this home, which is why having both dogs and humans in this space works well! Open the doors to the deck & you have a ton of freedom for you and your dog. Now let me tell you, if you want to rest & rejuvenate with your pooch, I cannot recommend it enough. For some it may seem out of budget, but the experience alone is worth every cent. The ocean roars constantly, the sea breeze always lingering and time certainly stands still. We recommend taking a few friends along because the space offers both privacy and a great place to connect with family and friends and most importantly DOGS!!  Of course, it goes without saying. As a dog owner I tend to repeat myself here when doing reviews but we really do need to make sure we do our part in being responsible with having our Pooches with us in places that allow dogs. We are so lucky that there are more and more luxury homes and hotels that are opening their doors to our pets, if we don’t do our bit all these privileges will stop. So I always make sure I pick up after Bailey, I make sure he is dry and sand free ( bit of a challenge here ), He can’t make himself at home on every bed and couch ..( ok that’s a lie, he can, because he’s spoilt BUT I always lay a throw on the surface of furniture like couches or beds.) And lastly, I realise that there will be hard working individuals that will come in to clean once we leave, this is no excuse to leave a home full of dog hair. I try leave the home as close to as I found it before leaving, I don’t always get it right or perfect, but it is the very least I can do as a Dog Owner. Responsible dog owner lecture complete 🙂 Do yourselves a favour, call up some friends, put your dog’s best bowtie on, and hit this beach house SOON. It is so worth it! They even have a Winter Special on: Quote SANDYFEET10 and get 10% off your nights stay! To find out more visit their Website here: To find out about Rates & reservations email Denise:

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