Jesse’s Tail Tells All – Olly & Max Brush

Real talk!

I have a confession to make. Iv often used my own hair brush to brush my dog’s hair. 

There, I said it!

Obviously (or maybe not so obvious) I end up naming said brush ‘the dogs brush’ and get myself a new one – I swear. I’v never really given Pet Brushes a lot of thought. To be honest I am usually far more distracted by cute toys & heart shaped biscuits on the shelves than brushes. And as snobby as I may sound, I’m not sold on bringing home a plastic multi coloured anything let alone a brush. 

Recently Jesse recieved a home delivery of brushes which prompted this Blog – And perfect timing I might add as Jesse has long hair that easily knots & is only going to get thicker, longer & curly(er)! This is a first for us – we have always had short haired Doggo’s – make no mistake, I am beyond thrilled to have a little girl with long hair to brush!

Bamboo! These brushes are bamboo!!!

upon opening this box from Olly & Max Jesse’s tail said it all. Slick, modern brushes that I’d be proud to stock in my ever growing kist of treasures for the dog’s. And if these brushes happen to be lying around the house – it blends in beautifully with its earthly natural tones. This is what I love when integrating my dogs world with mine. Their ‘stuff’ doesn’t have to be so far removed from my taste. I love blending our two worlds to work as one. 
What I learnt by this experience is that it’s OK to want to own product that works brilliantly but that also looks so darn fab! It’s OK to want premium.
Thank you Olly & Max for this wonderful gift for Jesse. Grooming never looked this good.

To Purchase or Browse this Sophisticated range, head to any ABSOLUTE PETS store Country wide. Or visit: 

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