The Dog Meets Girl Festive Summer Box


    And just like that summer is back to shine all good things upon us, which means we get to spoil you again. Each of our boxes are designed to be an all-inclusive box for the dog and cat mom, and her furry kids! A guilt free way to gift yourselves while gifting your pets. 
    Our Boxes are always thoughtfully chosen and curated to bring you local South African products to your doorstep. We pride ourselves in finding products from around the country, bringing you special treasures while simultaneously supporting local brilliant businesses.

    WHAT’S IN THE BOX? We can’t give that away just yet. The element of surprise is a BIG part of what brings joy in this unique experience. The not knowing makes for a very exciting and never disappointing unboxing!  Some of the beautiful products will be curated specially for our Summer Box which makes it unique and one of a kind.

    Expect nothing less than premium gifts for you and your beloved pooch or feline friend!

    Here is a brief idea of what you can expect…

    – Toys & Treats for your dog -usually unique and fun

    – Toys & Treats for your cat (additional price)

    – Sassy Dog/Cat Mom Gifts – We love to shop, so we dig real deep for the good stuff;)

    – 12 Products in total & a gift or two from WOOLWORTHS in every box we do!


    • All orders placed now will be for our Summer Box.
    • Now available for pre-order.
    • R10 from each box will go towards Wolverivier
    • LAST ORDERS 20th November 2020
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