Dog Meets Girl Soap


    Handmade soap made in Durban and shipped to Cape Town. All Natural Ingredients. No harmful products are used. 100% safe for both dogs and humans.

    Soap size : 7cm wide x 2cm thick.

    Ingredients:  Coconut oil, palm oil , olive oil, Eucalyptus Essential oil, Orange essential oil, lemongrass essential oil.

    When washing your pooch in most cases one has to work FAST. Stopping to add a bit more shampoo here and there could result in a wet dog making an escape & bolting out the bathroom door as fast as lighting.

    With our soap, we find it convenient. Hold the soap continuously while washing your pooch. It foams just the right amount and leaves your dog as soft as a baby rabbits tail. And the smell is incredible!!!

    Humans love using it too!

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