The Festive Summer Box


Every season, our quarterly DMG Box members receive a subscription box of products from local South African brands, some of which are made exclusively for DMG Box! We aim to bring together a collection of premium socially, environmentally and animal conscious brands for you and your beloved dog and cat to enjoy in the comfort of your home.

We’ll be adding something in for the Dapper Dog and Cat Dads for Christmas!

R10 from each box will go to Wolverivier, so while you’re spoiling yourself, you’re also helping a local organisation in need.

We believe the element of surprise is part of what makes our box a joyful experience which is why we don’t reveal all the contents at once. Below is a sneak peek at a few of the items.


How it Works



Past Boxes

Due to Covid 19, our Autumn 2020 Box delivery has been delayed. As a result we cannot reveal what is in this box so we thought we’d recap a few of our favourite products from previous boxes.

SOnce again, we are so thankful to all the sassy dog moms and cat moms who supported our fifth edition and for those who have supported us from the start.

Candibox X Nanuki Vegan Chocolate Box (Summer 2019)

Cotton On Flip-Flops (Summer 2019)

Cheaky Co Orbs Dry Roasted Chickpeas (Spring 2019)

Soenchie Trinket Bowl (Spring 2019)

Leia Mala Stress Away Essential Oil Roller (Winter 2019)

Woolworths Posh Pets Ostrich Biltong (Winter 2019)

Terbodore Coffee (Autumn 2019)

SoCup Reusable Glass Cup (Autumn 2019)

Each season we donate R10 from each box to a local charity. Every little bit helps!


“I’ve had two boxes so far, and they are absolutely incredible. So much thought goes into each item and I love the local quality!”

– Lauren Konstantinou – 

“Amazing service and products for myself and my furbabies. My favourite part is that a % is given to a shelter, you’re a true blessing.”

– Siobhan Mckee – 


“Awesome, luxury filled box of treats/gifts for your furbaby and the modern dogmom! All are such quality products – it is a nice way to see what is available that one may not necessary look for normally. Added bonus of supporting a charity with your purchase of a seasonal box!  Will definitely be ordering again!

– Sam Base – 

“Super amazing Winter Box received filled with so much love and thought specially packed by Shannon, Bailey and Jesse for my girls Krummel and Oreo. These girls are our life and for them to receive a box packed by a person who has never met them but packed it so on point made my heart so happy  I can see myself ordering this box everytime

– Nicole Liebenberg – 

This Winter Box was my first box, and I will definitely be back for more!!!! I loved the little sneak previews we got to build up the anticipation and Shan went out of her way to make sure that my box was received by her own determined deadline. And the good hearted banter is such a personal touch, it’s amazing. Thank you Shannon, Bailey and Jesse for my awesome box. And thank you to the brands that support the making of these boxes possible!!

– Danielle Legrand – 

The ultimate grown up lucky packet(box) for you and your fur-kids! We’ve bought the autumn and winter box and have just adored the spoils that come with it. Shannon puts time, heart and soul into these and you can feel it the second it arrives. Highlights for me: All the products are local and proudly South African, totally relevant and outstanding quality. R10 from each box goes to an animal shelter. The build up and anticipation of getting your box is a total thrill and I have not been disappointed with what comes after all the hype. Watching the unboxing for all the other fur kids loving the toys and treats. Best spoil ever! Thank you Shan, Bailey and Jesse for the best efforts. Highly recommend indeed #takeallmymoneynow!!

– Danielle Legrand – 



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