Sponsorship by Wagworld

Recently I set off on a road trip with my labby Bailey to Knysna. I received a great response to do a Popup Pooch Shoot in Plett as well as lifestyle shoots. I decided to document the entire trip & make the best out of the love I have for both Knysna, Plett, my dog & photography. Yip, I believe in creating your own opportunities, and making the life you want to live a reality. I decided to approach a brand within the dog industry to help sponsor my trip. Wagworld was the very first to pop in to my mind. I had met the beautiful minds behind the name years ago but chances were slim to be remembered. I put a proposal together, met up with Jasmina & Chrissi and walked away with funds for the trip as well as 4 beds, 1 hammock, two blankets, and a bunch of toys as well as a mutual excitement for us all to work together. Bailey was SUPER comfy throughout the trip-Start to finish:) I am completely sold on their product! There are different beds for different dog personalities I found. As well as hardy but comfortable beds for the outdoors which we found ourselves at most of the time. Having a 12 year lab who sleeps a lot and has his aches and pains, i feel so excited about giving him a firm bed that keeps his body well supported, where his bum never touches the ground even after months of lying in it. I was asked to take photos for them while on my trip as Bailey & his girlfriend enjoyed the beds. Thank you to the Wagworld team for this great opportunity, great product & a great love for what you do.

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