Bailey Turns 7!

Of course I celebrate my Dog´s Birthday!? It´s no secret you see, Dog Mom´s seem to get looked at strangely when your dog has a lavish birthday party. One with balloons, pupcakes (even auto correct just changed ´pupcakes´to ´cupcakes´) , presents, treats & friends! In a nutshell Dog Mom´s want the same affection & attention to detail given to kids , to be given to our pooches. And why the heck not 🙂 Thank goodness that the pet industry is now growing in such a positive direction & at quite a pace with pushing messages of healthy dog living with natural foods, lifestyle & treating them as our family, which they are. And that, my friends, is why Bailey had a Birthday Party. A small one without the fancy cakes & balloons (terrible mom) but a few hours of total joy with his FURiends! The Beach I chose was Clifton 1st here in Cape Town . It is gorgeous, protected from the wind & happens to be dog friendly! We called up Bailey´s friends who were able to join on a week day & headed down to party on! A few hours on this stretch of land and sea was enough to exhaust our Dog´s & juuuuuust enough time to avoid being kicked off the beach by a peaceful group of people trying to enjoy the sunset without:  salty dogs jumping on them , eating their food, dry humping their towel, shaking off next to them (incase they were hot) or all of the above at once. Beautiful chaos in my opinion! They ran, they swam, they conquered! Of course all was documented for you to enjoy! Thank you to Bailey´s furiends that joined us: You can join their instagram accounts below! Happy Birthday my Bailey Boy. 7 years with you has been so precious, pure, wonderful, loving, supportive, adorable, sweet, kind, patient (sometimes), incredible, meaningful and all the other beautiful words out there. I love you so much!

Cali  @goldengirlcalibear
Remi Calliope & Savannah Rose @remi_and_savi
Vedder  @gspsouthafrica
Nala  @the_beachdog
Sebastian , Noodle & Benji