Jesse’s tail tells all – Olly & Max diamond shaped bowl

because every girl loves a bit of pink

Jesse’s love for pastel pink was born when she received a fancy-shmancy bowl from Olly & Max.
As we had just moved house – this house warming gift was too adorable for words.

Let me give you some product information first & foremost:

“The Olly & Max Diamond dog bowl is made from melamine with a stainless steel bowl.
It’s hygienic and durable with a non-skid base and, as it is two bowls in one, it can be used for water and food.”

One bowl becomes two.

We can totally vouch that this bowl does not skid, Jesse is much like a bull in a china shop, a princes on the outside & a dinosaur on the inside if you will. If it weren’t for the non-skid element we would absolutely end up in Japan. If you enjoy road tripping with your dogs this is an awesome find! Pack one bowl and make use of two , brilliant!

sharing is caring. Even if Jesse looks unimpressed by the idea.

And in all honesty, we love this bowl because it looks so darn good in our house!!


Head over to any Absolute Pets store nationwide to shop the Olly & Max range.

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