I had a niggling desire in my heart for quite some time but knew the gravity of having another member in our home and take the responsibility very seriously.A new puppy would mean dividing my love in two 50% Bailey, 50% potential pup. It would mean I’m opening my heart to more Joy & happy moments but also to that great sadness that comes at the end. I knew that food costs would go up, more hair around the house to annoy my husband and more vet bills. It would ultimately mean that I can only go travel in a car (fine by me!) And if I were to travel overseas (my husband wishes) I would then need to find the world’s best,  most capable, clone-like-version of me to look after two big dogs in our home.So I decided to work harder, reach higher to arrive at my goal of owning a gorgeous open plan house in a secure estate close to the beach with a great big garden with a view for my many dogs to look out on, a swimming pool for them to cool off in summer and a fireplace to cosy up by in winter. My kitchen will be big enough to cater for my hungry dog’s,  big enough to not trip over them constantly & a guest room reserved for that dream Pet sitter to stay in IF my dogs can’t travel with me.So, Let me just work hard,  I can get that house, I can achieve that dream, but it needs to be NOW.Now! While Bailey is healthy & strong.  While he still has some Puppy side effects that make us giggle. Now! While I see that bright shine in his eyes when he sniffs butt with all the other dog’s on the beach. Now! While I know he needs a friend.

Yes, this is my decision-making process.  Exhausting, but getting another dog is a big responsibility and one should never ever ever get a dog unless you are willing to approach the responsibility as a very big one! If not, you are not ready.Fast forward 2 years. The desire is still in my heart but bigger. I am still working hard, tripping over Bailey in my small kitchen NOT in our dream home overlooking the ocean with a great big yard, swimming pool & fireplace. I’m two years older {& hopefully wiser} and.. exhausted!! It’s December 2018, I just finished successfully sending out all my Summer Subscription Boxes. Finished off some really huge Photography work with Woolworths & Absolute Pets, gave 2018 my all like every other. It’s been a great year, I’m so grateful but I’m tired.and then it dawned on me… “Journey” – “The Journey Shannon” – I kept sensing these words, this sentence, even though I know this, I guess It only registered in my heart at this moment.What brings me & my husband the most Joy? Dogs! Where am I my happiest? In my dog’s world present & easy going, running on the beach, walking in forests! Why am I working so hard and in such a hurry? Well, to eventually get that home with that pool to get that dog and and and! Am I getting older? YES! Is Bailey getting older? YES!Then why are you waiting for something so far in the future that may or may not happen while depriving yourself of something so special & so needed in your home TODAY!What I realized so firmly within that moment & what was so powerful, was the fact that my destination was/is a mirage. I completely lost sight of the fun & excitement of NOW, right now I can go get that Puppy my heart sings for. Instantly a beautiful peace covered me I knew what I needed to do on my Journey, this next chapter in our lives…Although it triggers something deep in me, the circle of life & all that on a subconscious level – Bailey is ageing, he is becoming the Danny there once was & is no more & a new pup will then become the Bailey that he once was – and so it goes on.  But when the desires of your heart become so loud you GO GET THAT PUPPY & enjoy the ride!

The very next day after this epiphany of sorts & a unified decision between my husband Jonno & I, we set off to fetch our new family member and named her JESSE.It has been the greatest most wonderful 3 weeks of our lives. I am so happy, my heart is so full with the love I feel for her – which is not 50% by the way – My family feels complete for now & I don’t feel my love has been divided but rather multiplied. She brings us all so much Joy, Bailey is LOVING it. I am so proud of him for being so patient & so gentle. Jonno is so in love – this is really good. This is what happens when you listen to your heart & enjoy the Journey of life.This doesn’t mean that I don’t still take the responsibility seriously, it just means that I am allowing myself to be happy today while tackling everything that comes with being a responsible Dog Owner.

Thank you to our Instagram friends @willowtucker who were instrumental in finding Jesse for us.